"In Search of No Answer" Statement

Neural activity in our brains returns to a state called the Default Mode Network whenever we do not focus on a task or the outside world, when we are at wakeful rest and let our minds wander. This mind-wandering is crucial for how we learn to see ourselves and others, for self-reference and our Theory of Mind. It is how we locate ourselves in the world.

»In Search of No Answer« began when I had reached an impasse in 2016. While I could see a style in my photographs, I did not feel like I had a voice. My photographic practice consisted of elaborate landscapes and random one-off pictures, bits and pieces that felt connected to me only in parts.

In order to find coherence, to locate myself and make my photographic Default Mode Network visible, I started to edit from my complete catalog of digital photographs since 2009. I culled 49 pictures and arranged them into 14 photographic poems that defy narrative conventions and logic. Only at the end of the editing process I deliberately made a few concluding photographs.

The lyrical way in which »In Search of No Answer« binds together short strings of photographs is a document of my aim to validate dream and reality as euqal parts of the human experience.